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March 15, 2012



#7 sounds like Patsy Kensit from Eighth Wonder


Deborah's Cox

Interesting how "On A Night Like This" reminded you of DeBarge's "Rhythm Of The Night". It reminded me more of Lionel's "All Night Long".

Whatever the case, I think it's a great song. Nothing for her to be embarrassed about on that track.

Laugh if you will at her musical output, but if you keep listening long enough, even the most critical queen should admit there are occasional moments where she gets it just right (eg. "Starting Over", "Bad Girl", "Just Wanna Dance", "On A Night Like This", "Hot Potato".)

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Is it just me or does she sound almost EXACTLY like Diana Ross. I have always thought Diana was one of the most overrated singers in history. Janet Jackson has a stronger voice than Diana, and that's not saying that much. I love some of her songs though. Back to LaToya. I kinda feel bad for her. She just didn't have that Jackson magic, did she?


RICH! I just about fell over when I saw your first post on Gawker today! Congratulations to you and to Gawker's readership, who get the great gift of your writing. fourfour and Gawker have been my two consistent go-to's since *2005* -- having you two in one place makes my heart swell with pride, boy!


Thankyou for the link to Funky Town Grooves I contacted them & asked if they could please reissue the 'Apollonia 6' CD.

I can't handle more than a few minutes of La Toya's music. Musical roadkill. God love her.


hey Rich, do you cover Drag Race in any of your non-FourFour writing gigs?

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#15 completes my life.


aw, I love you too morgie! I can't wait until you and Kelli move here and it will be snihsnue and rainbows and girl talk for all time! and free babysitting? Ha just planning ahead

Rita Dawson

Nice post! Thanks for sharing the link.

Roy Fernandez

Pretty deep!

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Lipstick Mystic

SOOO thrilled that you're writing for Gawker now. I hope they treat you well, pay you real money instead of virtual money or whatever Denton is rumored to be into, and that the entire experience goes really well. I loved your piece posted there about Winston but was heartbroken to read about your "losing" him -- not to mention the relationship with your guy. That's a double whammy of pain. Take care of yourself!

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This is so funny. I thought we weren't going to hear from you for three days and everytime I refresh, there's a new fun post!


I agree that this sounds like Patsy Kensit..great stuff...I DO need to thank you!

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