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Rich, I just read about this and immediately thought of you and wondered what your thoughts are: Tyra has fired Nigel, Miss J and Mr. Jay, and is keeping Kelly Cutrone for Cycle 19. I guess Tyra is paying Cutrone minimum wage. The funniest part is that apparently Cutrone wants to use "social media" for next cycle (??) and rely on bloggers, or some such shit.

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Well it's total hypocrisy to turn the exchange into a big fat psychoanalytic blog post like this. You're both in the biz of psychoanalyzing people, so now you're officially both guilty of being defensive. This blog screams defensive. And for what it's worth, I like both of your work, intermittently. She's kind of a saggy TV presence, though. I think she was probably more fun as a kid.


I understand where you are ciomng from a little bit. Try to look at it this way. Great grandma Matoaka Pocahontas Rolfe is giving you an introduction to the world. Mention her name to people outside the USA and it brings most of them an instant smile. A person with a connection to her is often welcomed due to her memory. They say it's not what you know but who you know. The world knows Pocahontas. If she can be a bridge to new and broader understanding of American Indian peoples that's a net positive. In her life she was a symbol of peace, and that is no myth.* In death she was revered even by her enemies on both sides of the ocean.*Don't take my word for that: The True Story of Pocahontas: The Other Side of History by Linwood Custalow and Angela Daniel.


I found your blog via Yes and Yes, and I love it! Also, I completely agree with this quote. I've been minneag to read Kelly Cutrone's book for awhile; I might have to check it out!XOXOKerry

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Here you are complaining that she's taking that critique too personally and seriously, then you're over reacting over a small feud in Twitter and decide to rage it all out. You say she's too lifeless and actually have the time to search her name to say what people talks about her but hey, you're so free that you actually have time to go to her profile and check every tweet that she replies to and even screenshot the tweets and post it here. Who's the one being easily offended and taking it too seriously now? And you were talking about being lifeless? Lol. And there you are commenting that her years of working in the PR field and as a reality TV star hasn't train her to accept criticisms well, but here you are with years of writing recaps and as a television critique couldn't even accept criticisms like this. Funny. You just brought the word "joke" to a whole new level :)


It's so funny!


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Really awesome :). I have watch this like 4 times and still laughing. Nice blogpost. Keep up the good work !!!.

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