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Oh Rich. You are so much better and smarter than Kelly Cutrone could ever hope to be. I have given up ANTM after suffering through the last Cycle, but also because of her presence on the show. I have dealt with her directly as a blogger, and as a Fashion PR person she is truly considered second rate at best. Long before her appearances on The City or The Hills, I would hear endless stories about her rudeness and ineptitude as a PR, not to mention experiencing it myself in person. Complaining about her cavalier treatment of anyone less than worthy of sitting in the front row of one of her fashion shows has at times been a small cottage industry during Fashion Week. She embodies everything that is repellent in Fashion PR, especially when compared to her other far more professional competitors. She has really only been successful in promoting herself, and yet you have shown how she has the Trump-like thin skin of someone who doesn't really know how to handle the low-grade fame she has achieved. She is the WORST.


it's a PR stunt. she's desperate to drum up interest in her role on the show, so she picks a twitter fight with the only person in the world who could get people to watch the show. either that, or this shit was sincere & therefore even more pathetic.

Account Deleted

Anyone in the public eye is open for criticism. Bitch doesn't know who she's dealing with. You are so much more well-spoken than she is.


ANTM: British Invasion amounts to "big asses vs. bad teeth"--and Kelly Cutrone is the's.Top.Model.

Well played Rich! Tyra may be calling YOU to judge the next cycle of this shit.


Wow, bitch fight with Kelly Cutrone. How Perez Hilton of you. Agree with the above post: you come off as big of a douche as she does. Worse even. You started it. It must be nice to be able to judge so clearly that her reaction was "dozens of times less hunman than yours" justifying your abysmal behavior. How does that work exactly? Some mechanical measuring device you have that sniffs your shit and tells you it smells like roses? Fucking hack.


Well I mean, you said she was the worst thing about the show. What was she gonna do, send you flowers? Was her reaction childish and thin-skinned? Sure, but it's also not terribly surprising, is it? Why not just let it go? I have to be honest, you come off as no less thin-skinned by going back-and-forth with her like this.

matthew (hardcore ANTMer)

I had a feeling Kelly Cutrone was some sort of stereotypical Sopranos-like thug and now she's living up to all my expectations


Come on people! Is no one going to comment on the best part of the whole episode last night?

That might be one of the worst photoshop jobs I've seen this decade.


LOL you got schooled Rich! Kelly is a successful goddess and knows what she is talking about... she was great on antm, so blunt and logical. She put you in your place boo, stay pressed!


Also, I find it hilarious how you try to act like you're "above" antm now...bitch you owe your career to tyra and antm...LOL


As long as you replace the ANTM recaps with something else equally awesome, then right on!

I really, honestly have no idea who Kelly C. is? Still, because I don't care enough to Google her now. Never heard of her until your re-tweet.


Rich, delete this. I totally get your reasoning and everything checks off, but ranting is not your style.


Professional troll, ignore accordingly.

Noel Brinkley

I didn't know Gene Simmons and Katharine Mcphee had a child together

Noel Brinkley

There is nothing fake about the hotness of Rich Juzwiak! The problem is she is surrounded by fake people so often that hearing the truth fucking hurts! Kelly If you wanna be bitchy you have to be clever and funny too!


This kind of makes me want to un-protect my Twitter and tweet something randomly negative about her on the premiere of ANTM18 and see if she replies to me too...

...nope. Not that bored yet.


Word is born.


Kelly's behaviour makes zero sense to me. Is she not a supposed PR expert? Does she not advise clients on what to do and say? Does she not realise that responding to criticism only serves to further shine a light on said criticism?

She needs to put on her big girl panties and suck it up, just as she advises her staff to do on a regular basis. Shameful.


I kind of hope you continue to write shit about her because her presence as a judge dragged the already-terrible episode into non-entertaining mud. Your little drama was 100x more interesting. Ugh. I keep telling my friends that Tyra should do a male cycle to spice things up :)

fan of celebrities

I smell some hate here?


Wait! WHAT? No more antm commentary?!? Seriously? And note to self, K.C. is not the Big Bang nemesis of Sheldon. I really need to wear my glasses more.


You aren't in the business to hurt people's feelings??? I thought the saying was "I'm not here to make friends" (wink wink)

xoxo...she is abominable.


I must say I am with the small minority here who believes your responses to Kelly Cutrone make you look as bad as she does. And let's face it, this is not the first time you've shown yourself to be defensive and somewhat thin-skinned at criticism aimed at you. But I'm still a fan.


Your antm gifs were the only good thing about this crap site!


The best part of the show was when the delusional Tyra claimed the first lady and her children were watching, and jumping up and down with happiness when the Michelle Obama portrayal won first place.

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